The city of Nuwara-Eliya is situated in the above sea level of 6182 feet, centered with surrounding of the highest (8820 feet height) mountain of Sri Lanka - Mount Pidurutalagala and Kikiliyamana Mountain (6182 feet height).

The land space of Nuwara-Eliya city is 12.43Km2 and it has 14 number of 'Grama Nialadari' divisions. The number of the Wards of Municipal Member is 10.


GN Div. No.

Name of the GN.Division
01 Kalukelle
02 Topass
03 North Hawa-Eliya
04 Shanthipura
05 Bambarakelle
06 Nuwara-Eliya
07 batahira Hawa-Eliya
08 Batahira Nuwara-Eliya
09 Naganahira Hawa-Eliya
10 Kelegalle
11 Central Nuwara-Eliya
12 Moon Plain
13 Kalapura
14 Mahagastota



Ward No.01
01 St.Andrew's Road
02 Kandy Road
03 Waterfield Bank Road
04 Waterfield Drive
05 Sri Piyatissapura Road
06 St.Andrew's Road
07 Shanthipura Road
08 Shanthipura Lane
09 Kalapura Road
10 Bambarakelle Estate Road

Ward No.02
01 Kandy Road
02 Keena Road
03 Kandy Road - First Lane
04 Cross Road
05 Lady Maccallums Road
06 St.Andrew's Road
07 Thataaka Road
08 Chapel Street
09 James Street
10 Srimath Jayathilake Mawatha
11 Hill Street
12 Kanagarathnam Mawatha
13 Long Street
14 John Street


Ward No.03
01 Gamunu Mawatha
02 Police Lane
03 Srimath Jayathilake Mawatha
04 Arogyashala Road
05 Rahula Mawatha
06 Sri Sumangala Mawatha
07 Hawa-Eliya Road
08 Hawa-Eliya First Lane
09 thataaga Road
10 Udapussellawa Road
11 Lady Maccallums Road

Ward No.04
01 Lady Maccallums Road
02 Swetch Farm Road
03 Lover's Leap Road
04 Moon Plain Road
05 Udapussellawa Road
06 Experimental Garden Road
07 Hospital Road
08 Pedro Estate Road
09 Kovil Lane
10 Government department Road
11 Swetch Farm Lane Road

Ward No.05
01 Glen Fall Road
02 Grand Hotel Road
03 Grand Hotel Lane
04 Queen Elizabeth Drive
05 Kandy Road

Ward No.06
01 Lawson Street
02 Queen Elizabeth Drive
03 Park Road
04 New Bazaar Street

Ward No.07
01 Race Course Road
02 Agriculture Office Road
03 Badulla Road
04 Broom Field Avenue
05 Barrows Road
06 Church Road
07 Hawlock Road
08 Irrigation quarters Road
09 Military Road
10 Park Road
11 Railway station Road
12 Udapussellawa Road
13 Udapussellawa Second Road
14 Udapussellawa Second Lane
15 Upper Lake Road
16 Upper Lake Lane
17 Wedabern Road

Ward No.08
01 Mahinda Mawatha
02 Moon Plain Road
03 Seetha Eliya Road
04 Edirisinghe Mawatha
05 Upper Lake Road - First Lane
06 Upper Lake Road
07 Badulla Road
08 Udapussellawa Road
09 Barrows Road
10 Hawlock Road
11 Mahagasthota Estate Road
12 Nasbey Estate Road

Ward No.09
01 Glen Fall Road
02 Glen Fall Lane
03 Haddon Hill Road
04 Nanu-oya Road
05 Ranasinghe Mawatha
06 Queen Elizabeth Mawatha
07 Scrub Estate Road
08 Single Tree Road
09 Unique View Road

Ward No.10
01 Badulla Road
02 Badulla Road - First Lane
03 Badulla Road - Second Lane
04 Badulla Road - Third Lane
05 Mahagasthota - First Lane
06 Mahagasthota - Second Lane
07 Upper Gibson Road
08 Lower Gibson Road
09 Kelegalle Road
10 Kalukelle Road
11 Kalukelle - First Lane
12 Kalukelle - Second Lane
13 Kalukelle - Third Lane
14 Kalukelle - Forth Lane
15 Kalukelle - Fifth Lane
16 Nanu-oya Road
17 Lady Horton Walk Road

Nuwara Eliya is one of three districts of the Central Province. It is located on the South East to Kandy Town which is the capital of Central Province. Nuwara Eliya is surrounded by Badulla, Ratnapura, Kandy and Kegalle Districts. The distance from the capital city of Colombo to Nuwara Eliya is 172 km.

Nuwara Eliya Town is situated within Nuwara Eliya Divisional Secretariat area in a plain at a height of 6182 feet from mean sea level. It is surrounded by two mountains i.e. Piduruthalagala , the highest mountain of the country with 8820 feet and Kikiliyamana another high mountain with 7342 feet above mean sea level.

Nuwara Eliya District consists of five (5) Divisional Secretariat Divisions: namely, Nuwara Eliya, Kothmale, Hanguranketha, Ginigathhena and Walapone. Within these areas there are about 17 local government authority areas are found in the District. Nuwara Eliya Municipal Council is considered the most important centre in the district among all the local government units.

The approximate number of families in the city is calculated as 6900 and population as 49000.

The city contains approximately 670 number of Business places, 08 number of quality Hotels serving local and foreign tourists & 41 number of Holiday Homes.

The city also contains government organizations such as District Secretariat, Divisional Secretariat, Education Department, Police Office, District Courts, Base Hospital, Forest Department, etc.

The Main Bus Station of the city is situated in the center of the city. The city connects with other parts of the island through the following 04 main roots.

Colombo to Nuwara-Eliya through Kandy, Ramboda.
Colombo to Nuwara-Eliya through Awissawela, Ginigathhena, Hatton.
Badulla to Nuwara-Eliya through Welimada
Mahiyangana to Nuwara-Eliya through Wathumulla, Ragala

River 'Nanuoya' and 'Umaoya' begins in Nuwara-Eliya which supplies water to the 'Mahaweli Ganga' which is main river of Sri Lanka.

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