The story begins of this enchanting 'Little England' with the recognition as the Water based place through the agreement signed as 'Kanda Udarata' on 1815 March 02nd , with Coffee Plantation from Gampola to Tea Plantation of Nuwara-Eliya.

In 1848 this place have become a city for living alone with the British - Samuel Baker's beginning of cultivation. At the British Era in Sri Lanka this city of 'hidden beauty' has been made into a holiday resort for the British troop who are injured or deceased. This is not because of anything else, but the similar natural environment as England is noted in Nuwara-Eliya. The British Governor - Samuel Baker had his own Holiday Home in Nuwara-Eliya, and now the city itself has become the 'Holiday Home' for everyone.

The growth of population has created an ultimate need for a governance in 1878 and the 'Regional Health & Development Committee' with 06 active members has been created. An Agent of the government has been appointed as the head of this committee.

In 1897 the 'Development Committee' with more power has been created because of the fast increase of population in the city.

When it has been noticed that the population increase has become higher than the British people, ultimately the solution made to divide the city into 05 divisions and to hold an election for appointing members, under the act no.05 of the 'Development Committee'. Accordingly the First Council of Nuwara-Eliya has been created on 1925 January 01st appointing 09 elected members. The Agent of the government has been appointed as the Secretary - Head of the Committee.

After the approval of the 'Municipal Council Ordinance', in 1933 the Council is been created carrying the Head, who has been elected through an public election.

The city has been increased in population and in 1949 Nuwara-Eliya has been declared as the 'Municipal Council' under the approved Municipal Council Ordinance of 1947.

The first Mayor of Nuwara-Eliya is Honorable Mr.J.J.Kanagarathnam in the year of 1949 & 1950. Through out the history of about 50 years the Municipal Council of Nuwara-Eliya has created 19 Mayors.

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